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February Magazine 2023

The first time I went on an airplane was in ninth grade during a school trip to New York City. I was 14 years old, had only visited three other states aside from Minnesota (Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana) and was petrified of flying. After I made it through the initial terror that was TSA (What if I forgot to take my shoes off? What if my liquids were too large or the bag didn’t zip?), I felt a sigh of relief. And, once I saw the whimsical and beautiful clouds from the sky,
it was love at first flight.

Since that first flight, I’ve had a desire to see as much as I can of the world. Although COVID-19 may have slowed my travels, I still have many trips on the proverbial books. At the top of my list? London, England; Banff, Canada; Reykjavik, Iceland; and Sydney, Australia.

In this travel-themed issue of Woodbury Magazine, I was lucky to talk to photographer Nancy Berg and her husband, Ryan, two of Woodbury’s most traveled residents. The couple has visited an astonishing 139 countries together and counting—and they’re sharing a few of their most treasured memories. Read World Traveler on page 32.

Also in this issue, my colleague Amy Overgaard and I had the pleasure of talking with representatives from the Airport Foundation MSP and Arts@MSP—two, intertwined nonprofits working to create memorable moments through arts, music, film and more throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Read Creating Place Out of Space on page 22.

Share your spring break travels and more with us, readers! Tag us on Instagram (@woodburymag), or use the hashtag #WoodburyMagazine to be featured. Happy traveling!

-Hailey Almsted

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