Patina's holiday gift guide

Kick off your holiday shopping with some of our top picks from Patina
Need some help picking out gifts? Check out these top picks.

Gift giving, whether it’s for a secret-santa work acquaintance or a beloved spouse, takes some thought. To help you get started, we’ve put together some of our favorite items from local shop Patina, all with broad appeal (and a reasonable price point, too). 

Copper Water Bottle

Goodbye S’well, hello copper. Your giftee will be hydrating in style with a vessel that keeps water cold longer. Plus, the copper turns the water alkaline, which helps balance the body’s pH levels. It’s never a bad time to upgrade. $19.95. 

Perfect for: Athletes, health-conscious friends, or someone who’s always looking for the next big trend. 

Faux Fur Throws

There’s no such thing as too many blankets for a Minnesota winter, and these cozy throws are both beautiful and practical. They’re perfect for a range of design styles, from cabin-chic to urban minimalist. $38. 

Perfect for: Anyone who doesn’t actually hibernate all winter—but especially college students with drafty apartments, or folks who want to add a little pop to their living room sofas. 

Snazzy Socks

If someone you know has reached the life milestone where they finally understand the hype of getting socks for the holidays, amp up the excitement even more with a spin on the classics. Patina’s collection of whimsical and Minnesota-themed socks, including ones that say “If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine” and “Uff Da,” surely won’t disappoint. $12.95. 

Perfect for: People with cold feet, a sense of humor and Minnesota spirit. 

Adventure Glassware Set

Upper Midwesterners will appreciate this nature-themed glassware set, which combines a timeless and practical glass shape with whimsical illustrations of animals, a camping tent and fire. And it’s a gift you can use right away—a little extra time for chatting over drinks will come as an added bonus. $19.95. 

Perfect for: Neighbors or friends you’d like to see more often. 


You’ve heard of dominoes, but have you heard of Llamanoes? This twist on the classic tile-based game aims to put a smile on every player’s face. Llamas dressed up as pop stars, astronauts and superheroes beat black dots on a white tile any day. $12.99. 

Perfect for: Kids and teens, and anyone who enjoys a good tabletop game (or a good llama). 

Paddywax Stackable Confetti Candles

Art-inspired and colorful, these candles come handprinted with pizazz. Available in a 5-ounce and 14-ounce size, they currently come in a green cypress and suede scent, and can exist solo or stacked into whatever shape suits your fancy. $14.95. 

Perfect for: Candle collectors, or those who want to elevate their home’s ambiance with a unique fragrance. 

Minnesota Playing Cards

It’s just nice to have a special set of cards for a rainy day. Patina’s Minnesota playing cards come in navy, dark purple and white with small images of the state and a front-and-center image of a campfire surrounded by trees. $6.95.

Perfect for: Minnesota expats, kiddos, and anybody who might spend a snow day indoors playing Go Fish.