Standout Scholars: Math and Science Academy’s Abigail Musherure Works Hard and Chases Her Passions

by | Sep 2020

Math and Science Academy senior Abigail Musherure


Math and Science Academy senior Abigail Musherure is on the National Honor Society and student council, as well as vice president of Africa club.

Woodbury’s class of 2021 is busier than ever, juggling classes and clubs with sports and jobs. But they all have their favorite things, too—favorite memories, subjects, people and actors—and things that might just surprise their peers. We sat down with a few of Woodbury’s rising seniors to find out a little bit more about their life inside, and outside, the classroom. Read about the other students here: Anita ChettyElroi YonatanNatalie FreisingerOwen Kuckler

Abigail Musherure, Math and Science Academy

Woodbury Magazine: What has been your favorite (and most challenging) class?
Abigail Musherure: Political science. It was really fun because I got to learn more about the systems in America, mass incarceration and things that pertain to my community. The most challenging class was AP biology.

WM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
AM: The around the world theme dance at our school, put on by Africa club. It was to encourage people to show different parts of their culture in clothing and music. I helped to plan the dance.

WM: What is one thing your peers may not know about you?
AM: I love to read.

WM: Who’s your favorite actor?
AM: Cynthia Erivo.

WM: What could you not live without?
AM: I couldn’t live without my family. My parents and my three siblings—my older sister, who is my best friend, and my two younger brothers.

WM: What advice would you give to your younger self?
AM: To work hard and devote yourself to things you’re passionate about.

WM: What’s your favorite high school memory thus far?
AM: The first time Africa club put on a dance for the talent show. The practices were fun.

WM: What are your post-high school plans?
AM: I’m interested in medical school. Also, political science and design.

Activities and clubs: Varsity volleyball, student council, National Honor Society and vice president of Africa club.


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