Successfully Shop for Spring Plants

by | Mar 2024

First Editions® Centennial Blush Star Magnolia / Tracy Walsh

First Editions® Centennial Blush Star Magnolia / Tracy Walsh. Photo: First Editions® Shrubs & Trees

It’s finally March, which means spring weather could almost be here, or we’re in store for another snowstorm. While we wait and see what this month brings, it’s not too long before we get to enjoy time out in the garden. Here are a few tips for how to successfully shop for plants throughout the season:

  • Find a garden center that fits your needs. Not all shoppers are the same, and the same can be said with garden centers. For example, if you’re looking for expert planting advice, seek out a garden center with staff who can help. Do some research online, or visit a few at the beginning of the season to find the garden center that provides what you’re looking for.
  • Check those plant tags. While a plant might look gorgeous, it’s always important to check the plant tag to make sure it will fit in your space. Plant tags are a wealth of knowledge from details on mature size, sun exposure, planting tips and more. By double checking these details at the store, you can ensure the plants you bring home will thrive in your environment.
  • Plan to return! Just like clothing stores bring in new clothes throughout the year, garden centers bring in new plants. If you want to create a garden that’s full of interest in all seasons, making a few trips to the garden center throughout the year will help you along.

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