Did Somebody Say Peanuts?

by | Mar 2024

Did Somebody Say Peanuts

Photo: Steven Meisel

Winning photograph captures a bird in flight.

“I find when the photograph shows action and behavior, it makes for a much more compelling image than a ‘portrait.’ In this case, the bluejay was coming and going to the feeder most of the morning, so I had many opportunities to capture both action and behavior,” Steven Meisel says. “This was taken right out of my dining room window. I have bird feeders set up in a way that affords excellent views and, with the window open and the sun angle right, some excellent photo ops.”

Photographer: Steven Meisel
Title: Did Somebody Say Peanuts
Equipment: OM-1 mirrorless camera, 300 mm lens, 1/3,200 second and f4 with an ISO of 640
Category: Wildlife
Award: First


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