Summer Sprinkler Fun

by | May 2020

A girl jumps through a sprinkler in a Woodbury backyard.


Tara Korkowski’s photo showcases the spirit of summer.

Each month, we feature one of the photos from our 2019 Focus on Woodbury photo contest. This month, we asked photographer Tara Korkowski to tell us about “Summer Sprinkler Fun,” which was an honorable mention in our People & Families category.

When and where did you take the photo?
I took this photo in July 2019. I was sitting in my neighbor’s driveway during our usual neighborhood after work “happy hours” watching the neighborhood kids play in the sprinkler in our yard.

What kind of camera did you use?
I used my iPhone 8.

What’s your favorite thing about the image?
It captures my daughter’s spirit and personality perfectly. It was a hot day and she was so happy to get to play in the sprinkler. When I looked over at her jumping through it, I loved how the sun was shining right on the water and thought it would make an interesting picture. I didn’t think I’d catch her in midair like I did, so that was a nice surprise.

What’s your photography background?
I have always liked taking pictures, but I don’t have any sort of formal photography experience or training. I like to try to capture moments in time that mean something to me and that I think I will remember every time I see the photo again.


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