Tips on Temporary Wallpaper from One of Woodbury’s Best Interior Designers

by | Jul 2020

A bedroom with temporary wallpaper on the walls.


Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions offers advice on applying temporary wallpaper.

Temporary wallpaper is making quite the comeback in the world of interior design—offering a fun way to make a bold statement without permanently committing to a pattern. Amy Leferink, owner and principal designer at Interior Impressions, says temporary wallpaper has a low-grade adhesive (like contact paper), while traditional wallpapers tend to have a semi-permanent adhesive that lasts longer.

Due to its temporary nature, Leferink says she’s seen a growing interest in bold floral prints, as well as prints with a modern farmhouse feel, including buffalo check and houndstooth.

When choosing a pattern, and to avoid too much competition in the space, Leferink says, “Choose the style and the scale to work with the room.”

Temporary wallpaper is also versatile and can be used on a variety of places, including the back of bookcases, on ceilings and over pieces of small furniture. However, it can be tricky to apply, and it’s challenging to remove once applied. “You don’t have wiggle room,” Leferink says. “Once you stick it down, it’s stuck.”

For application, she recommends two or more people apply the wallpaper, use good lighting and, most importantly, exercise patience. If all else fails, Leferink also recommends calling a designer at Interior Impressions for assistance in choosing and applying temporary wallpaper

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