Trent Scheidecker: Portrait of a Business Owner

by | Jul 2023

Trent Scheidecker at the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce's 2022 Community Awards Gala.

Trent Scheidecker at the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Community Awards Gala. Photos: Angela Ross Photography

Catch up with one of the community’s busiest business owners.

Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce board chair Trent Scheidecker gets more done by 5 a.m. than most do by 5 p.m. And as one of Woodbury’s well-known proprietors, he doesn’t get too far without running into someone he’s worked with.

Scheidecker, a full-time chiropractor, created ChiroWay in 2010 to serve clients with chiropractic adjustments with a location in east Woodbury. Now, his business serves people needing adjustments in 15 locations. As its owner, Scheidecker says he looked to history and some helpful mentors to draft a “retro business model,” building on one service that focuses on convenience, affordability and relationships to succeed.

Scheidecker says one of his goals each day is to meet with at least three people who he can refer to other businesses in Woodbury. “If it means I have coffee three times in a day, I’ll do it,” he says.

Elizabeth Neyens passes the gavel to Trent Scheidecker.

Elizabeth Neyens passes the gavel to Trent Scheidecker.

We sat down with Scheidecker to hear more about his passion for Woodbury.

How long have you called Woodbury home?

My wife and I have lived in Woodbury since 2005. We see lots of familiar faces around our town. My son always asks if I know people we pass by at the grocery store because of my work. It’s a common occurrence.

What do you love about Woodbury?

One of my favorite parts of Woodbury are the running trails. The City of Woodbury has gone above and beyond providing our community with an exceptional opportunity to experience miles of trails throughout neighborhoods, lakes and parks. I am an avid runner and have used these trails to train for multiple marathons and can hop onto the trail system right from my front door in Dancing Waters!

How did you first get involved with the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce?

I’ve been supporting the chamber for 13 years. It’s really the community’s voice for small business and a no-brainer to start building relationships and start contributing to causes. I started working on Woodbury Days, and now I get a sneak peek into what’s going on behind the business community and the city’s long-term plans. It has taught me the art of networking.

What are you looking forward to in your new role as board chair?

This year, my duty as [board chair] is to continue to build on the momentum that has been built by a great board that came before us. We have a very strong membership in our chamber [and] great retention … which is going to be a tribute to this town for years to come. I have weekly meetings with our chamber president and CEO Laurie Staiger, reviewing budgets and minutes, making sure committees are moving us toward our year end goals. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share my ability to lead a group of individuals all with a shared mission and vision toward more growth for our community.

Outside of ChiroWay and the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, how else do you spend your time?

I put family first. After a good, long day, I love coming home to the smiles. With a son and daughter, we make everyday things, like taco night, special. Fun times in Woodbury include keeping our kids busy and active throughout the city.

We love all the different parks to explore, including Madison’s Place Playground, our Dancing Waters neighborhood pool and park or getting lost in Tamarack Nature Center! If I’m not at the parks or trails, you can catch me visiting our favorite coffee shop, [Dunn Brothers Coffee] at City Walk.


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