Woodbury Physical Therapist is Finding Better Ways to Treat Pain

by | Jan 2020

Physical therapist Jan Hanson, owner of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in Woodbury.


Woodbury physical therapist Jan Hanson treats patients holistically.

Physical therapist Jan Hanson was only 13 when she knew that she wanted to go into her chosen field. She received degrees from the University of Minnesota, and a master’s in physical education with an emphasis on human performance and exercise. For over 35 years now, she’s specialized in treating patients by addressing their pain, and creating exercises and routines that are best suited for their problems. Hanson also finds ways to prevent those problems and related risks. She now owns the Woodbury location of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers.

Hanson treats patients who have symptoms like headaches, back pain, knee pain, pre- and post-surgery problems, neck pain and also those with balance problems. She believes PT helps prevent issues such as heart disease, diabetes, falls and more.

“I believe in treating everyone holistically,” Hanson says. Her main approach is addressing pain both traditionally and neurologically; how it works and affects the body, where it stems from, and what it’ll cause in years to come if it is not addressed. She assesses and analyzes clients before helping them practice different exercises that will target the problematic areas.

Having been in the business for such a long time, she’s watched it evolve. Hanson says that in her earlier years, she used a lot of equipment—but then, the way PT is done changed. She began to find better ways to help pain. She likes the challenge of helping those in need and it’s very rewarding for her to work towards finding ways to address and prevent it.

“It’s very rewarding, especially when people have been struggling for a long time and have tried a lot of things. That’s the best part of being a physical therapist,” Hanson says. She typically sees seven to eight clients a day for 50-minute sessions.

Hanson says, if there’s a relationship between where you’re hurting and what you’re doing, then the pain needs to be assessed by a professional.

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