Woodbury Residents Open First Spenga Location

by | Jun 2022

Spenga debuts in Woodbury as Minnesota’s first location.

Woodbury residents Kristen Braun and Patty TenBroek happened to meet when their children, Parker and Ava, developed childhood crushes on one another in pre-K at Primrose Academy. Six years later, the friendly duo is opening Spenga, a Chicago-based boutique fitness studio franchise, right here in Woodbury.

TenBroek first discovered Spenga through a simple Google search. “I’m currently an exercise physiologist, and it’s been a dream to open my own fitness studio and that’s where Spenga comes in,” she says. “I stumbled across Spenga … I thought, ‘This is exactly what I need in my life.’” Her fitness background pairs well with Braun’s background in marketing—but it’s their combined passion for fitness that has prepared them for Spenga’s grand opening.

“After having my third child, I figured this is my body now, and I wanted to get back into working out … I started going to a boutique fitness studio, and I love the community,” Braun says. Her partner agrees. “I see how important that sense of community is, especially for moms or anyone who stays home all day … I wanted to be able to create that community for other people as well,” TenBroek says.

Spenga encompasses three pillars of fitness: cardio, strength training and flexibility. The name is built out of its principles—spin, strength and yoga—in which clients do equal periods of all three during its 60-minute sessions.

TenBroek says, “Spenga is a workout that everyone can do … We really want our studio to be an environment that isn’t intimidating at all for people, who might not be as comfortable in a boutique studio.”

The studio is currently slated to open early this summer. Braun and TenBroek are over the moon about opening the location and can’t wait for others to fall in love with it just as they did.

“In one workout, you’re getting crazy awesome cardio, strength to tone and, at the end, you’re doing a bit more toning, but also mindfulness. When you leave the workout, you’re feeling amazing,” Braun says.

Braun and TenBroek have signed on to do four other locations throughout Minnesota, but they’re most excited for the location just five minutes away from their homes.

Braun says, “We’re so excited to welcome our neighbors and the people we know from basketball or dance and give them a place to work out in that’s beautiful.”

425 Commerce Drive Suite 101;
Facebook: Spenga (Woodbury, MN)
Instagram: @spengawoodbury


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