Yellow Ribbon Network Supports Woodbury’s Veterans

by | Nov 2020

The Woodbury Lions Veterans Memorial.


The Yellow Ribbon Network helps uplift Woodbury’s veterans and their families.

The sacrifices of our community’s veterans often come at a cost—putting a strain on the well-being of themselves and their families. The Yellow Ribbon Network of Woodbury was formed in 2009 to respond to this added strain.

“The Yellow Ribbon Network helps connect schools, local units of government, law enforcement, social services, churches, civic and volunteer organizations for the special needs of a military family before, during and after deployment,” says former city councilwoman and chair of the Woodbury Yellow Ribbon Network Julie Ohs.

The Yellow Ribbon Network addresses a myriad of different needs throughout the community, including monetary assistance, referrals, babysitting, home repair, lawn care, shoveling and many other services. “Our purpose is to ensure that military members and their families will never have to face life’s daily challenges without the support of their friends, neighbors and the Woodbury community,” Ohs says.

The program is self-funded through fundraisers and donations, and the Woodbury community is encouraged to take part in helping out in whatever way they are able. To donate, visit and to get involved, email

The Yellow Ribbon Network of Woodbury
Facebook: Woodbury Yellow Ribbon Network


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