Running Essentials

The owner of Woodbury’s new Run N Fun shares recommendations.
These items are available at Run N Fun, Woodbury's newest store for runners.

Started in 1991, Run N Fun has been a favorite among runners for nearly 26 years. Owner Kari Bach started the company with her husband because of his love of running. “It was more my husband’s dream; he was a pretty accomplished runner. It was kind of his passion,” Bach says. “He saw some holes in the market that weren’t being taken care of, so we said go for that.”

Run N Fun’s main location is in St. Paul, and they opened a Woodbury store in February, selling a variety of items from running shoes for both men and women to essential accessories. Bach says they have great products, plus an added bonus. “We have a really good staff that is very well trained,” she says. “They’re really good with people and we like to keep our atmosphere casual, comfortable and homey.”

Bach shares a few items that she recommends for all runners:
ASICS GT 2000 V5 Men’s
This shoe is perfect for any avid runner. If you’re looking for a shoe with great support and stability, this one is worth looking into. With a comfort dry X-40 sock liner, your feet will stay cool and dry, no matter the distance you run. “I still stress that everyone’s feet are very different and so it is important to get fitted,” Bach says. $120.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Women’s
This shoe is made with stability and support in mind. “Its proven balance of plush cushioning, stability and fit make for a smooth ride for those who need support,” Bach says. “That’s important because running shoes are the most important thing you should look for if you’re a runner. That’s the key to keep you healthy when you start your exercise program.” $120.

CEP Compression Sock
Bach notes that a compression sock or sleeve will be a huge help to the runner. “They really speed up the recovery of the leg,” she says. Run N Fun carries a variety of compression socks. Prices range from $20 to $60.

Rollga Foam Rollers
Having a foam roller is really important for people who run, Bach says. “It helps loosen tight muscles that could cause injury.” The Rollga brand is popular and there are quite a few options. Prices range from $40 to $50.

Oiselle Roga Shorts
Run N Fun carries these comfortable and stretchy shorts with lightweight fabric and rear zip pocket. Bach can’t recommend these enough. “These are my favorite shorts because of their fit and function,” she says. $45.

If you’re constantly looking for a place to put the items you bring on your run, look into a FlipBelt. It’s stretchy and less bulky than the other competitors, it won’t chafe or bounce and is a perfect way to make running with items less stressful. “It’s an easy way to carry your phone, keys and other small essentials on a run or walk,” Bach says. $26.