Sprint For Your Life

This 70-year-old Woodbury resident shares his love for sprinting and life.
Paul Montgomery in action at HealthEast Sports Center, formerly known as Bielenberg Sports Center.

Paul Montgomery got into sprinting in 1990 when his children were running track. “I took them to their track meets and I noticed that sometimes there were also adults participating,” Montgomery says. “So it was just an opportunity to run track with my children.”

The Woodbury resident has been competing in masters’ meets in Minnesota and nationally at the USATF Masters’ Annual Meet. “I participate in what they call the senior games, if you’re 50 and over,” he says. “And I participate in the Star of the North.”
Montgomery talks about how much he enjoys sprinting, especially at his age. “For most of us my age, we like having the opportunity to do the best that we can, which means we don’t always win, but we strive to obtain a personal record.”

There’s also the connection that he makes with other runners. “When I go to a track meet, we like seeing each other; it’s a fellowship-like thing,” he says. “So there’s benefit for socialization and just the fun of knowing you’re competing with these people over and over again.”

Other than running track, in his free time he likes to work in his church, so it’s no surprise that he thanks God for this opportunity. “I appreciate having the ability that God has given me to run track. And so, I have to acknowledge God in all of my ways,” he says.

Montgomery’s tip: don’t get caught up in the competition. “You participate because you want to better yourself, so you can’t get hung up on who’s the best,” he says. “Focus on doing the best you can.”