3 Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthy

by | Jan 2020

A variety of healthy foods in Tupperware.


Seemingly small lifestyle changes have a big impact.

Whatever your age or health status, one thing you have total control over is your diet and exercise. But common excuses like “eating healthy is expensive” or “I just can’t eat veggies and protein all day long” or “I don’t have time for exercise” can deter you from improving your diet and exercise routine.

Giving your body good nutrient-dense foods allows your body to heal itself and keep it in a healthy, natural state of being.

Here are some realistic tips that will motivate you to start eating healthy today.

Make small changes: Pack four containers of veggies for the week or order a side of broccoli with your chicken when you’re out to eat. Small changes over time will make a big impact. Just changing one meal can account for 20 percent of your total calories for the day.

Add, don’t subtract: At the grocery store, pick up some new veggie options to try, different colors and varieties. On the exercise front, learn how to incorporate resistance training in your life which adds both cardio and strength for your body.

Change your perspective: Eating healthy isn’t expensive, but rather processed and fast foods are cheap. Think of healthy eating as an investment in your future.

Don’t overcomplicate eating healthy, which could cause you not to get started at all.

Jill Strand and Chris Radke are owners and certified trainers at UpLift Guided Fitness in Woodbury. 


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