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I can easily recall the first houseplant I ever purchased. I was strolling the endless aisles at IKEA when I came across the plant section, filled to the brim with different cacti and succulents, bird of paradise trees and snake plants—but it was the small $5 aloe that caught my attention. The next thing I knew—and a few years later—I became a “plant parent” to several different plants: Monstera deliciosa, philodendron hope selloum and philodendron mican, fiddle leaf fig and variegated pothos, to name a few.

I have propagated, fertilized, repotted and replanted; I have learned the terminology; the ins and outs of “plant parenthood,” if you will. Yet, it seems like there’s still more to learn. For this month’s garden and landscaping issue, I spoke with Jamie Giesen, environmental resource supervisor with the Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment, about the intricacies of composting and how to use it for houseplants—flip to page 20 for Giesen’s knowledge, plus a few of my own tips and tricks.

So, what started with three stalks is now up to 15; and what started as one houseplant turned into 30 and counting. Though I hope to one day fill the backyard with blooming flowers, fruits and delicious vegetables, I’ll have to stick to watering my 30+ houseplants for now.

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I’ll see you next month!

Hailey Almsted, editor

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