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by | Feb 2021

Dog in Dog Bed

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Valentine’s Day is a much loved and celebrated holiday. Sharing love just feels good. When a dog loves, it is often described as unconditional. This Valentine’s Day show your pup some love. Share some special time with your dog. There are wonderful doggie bakeries that have treats just for dogs.

Pet Parent Question:

“I love my dog and I know he loves me. But when I want to snuggle, he only sits with me for a minute or two and he goes to the floor to lie down. Is it because he was a rescue dog that he does this?”

No two dogs are alike no matter their background. Every dog has a different personality. I had two dogs at the same time, and one held a definition of intimacy that meant lying on the floor near me at all times. My other dog would snuggle into my body whenever she got the chance. My guess is your dog’s definition of affection is to be near you more than he enjoys a physical snuggle. If he enjoys being pet while he is lying down, that would be something you might both enjoy. Enjoy learning all the ways your dog loves you, keeping in mind every dog is different.

Donna Chicone is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker and advocate for dogs. She lives in Woodbury.
You might find her engaged in pet-assisted therapy work.


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