Christie Denson Shares Passion for Community

by | Aug 2023

Christie Denson

Photo: Christie Denson

Citizen of Woodbury

For Christie Denson, Woodbury is the place to build a cause. An entrepreneur, writer and vice chair of the Woodbury Community Foundation, Denson has been a force for local philanthropy since her relocation from Chicago in 2012. “I’ve always had a passion for community and social justice,” she says.

Denson supports many causes in Woodbury, and building an inclusive and equitable community is a personal mission. “I’m in a biracial relationship; my husband and I are raising two sons. My goal is to bring networks together and partner with organizations like the YMCA to get the key leaders in the room,” she says. By creating holistic conversations between government, public safety, health care, schools and commerce, Denson aims to build systems that work for all. “It’s about making sure our community is a welcoming place for everybody,” she says.

Kevin Gilboe is a volunteer with the Woodbury Community Foundation. Find more at


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