Eric Morley Shares Business Expertise With Local Students

by | May 2024

Eric Morley

Photo: Eric Morley

If you are a student or volunteer in schools/organizations across Woodbury, chances are high that you have worn a T-shirt custom printed at Big Frog Custom T-shirts. Eric Morley started his company a decade ago, “not out of a passion for selling, but to get to know more about the community,” he says. After college, Morley planned to be a school teacher but ended up as a transportation and logistics strategist for Best Buy.

Since 2014, Morley has tried to give back to students in the community. He visits local high schools and talks to students in the business program and the AVID program, on entrepreneurship and the benefits of being a business owner. He is also a speaker for Woodbury Community Foundation’s (WCF) Youth Engagement Leadership Academy (YELA). Morley also leads the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassador Team in new business outreach and member recruitment.

“I want to do anything I can for the community,” Morley says. “I get my energy out of meeting people in the community, shaking their hand and talking to them.”

Manali Shah is a volunteer with the WCF and is an active volunteer in Woodbury and Washington County. Find more at


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