Designing with Heart: Infusing Family into Interior Spaces

by | Dec 2023

Bagel Board

Photo: Interior Impressions

In the fast-paced world of interior design, where trends come and go like fleeting seasons, there’s a timeless element that never goes out of style: family. Beyond the glossy pages of magazines and the curated Pinterest boards, lies a treasure trove of ideas waiting to transform your home into a sanctuary of love and memories.

Antiques and family heirlooms are the keys to unlocking a rich, storied past within your interiors. Imagine a vintage side table that once graced your grandmother’s living room or a well-worn rocking chair that cradled generations of bedtime stories. These pieces hold not only history but also the warmth of family ties.

When holidays roll around, why not swap your everyday dishes for family silverware? Incorporating these cherished pieces into your festive table settings not only adds a touch of elegance, but also weaves a thread of tradition into your celebrations.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s also about sustainability. By repurposing and refurbishing family items, we save them from landfills, making a small but meaningful contribution to the environment.

In the end, it’s about making your home décor more meaningful and keeping family a top priority. Designing with heart means surrounding yourself with the stories, the laughter and the love that define your family. Don’t just decorate your space; tell your family’s unique story through it.

Amy Leferink is the founder of Interior Impressions, and Megan Koren is the marketing director for Interior Impressions. Find more at


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