Dog Training is a Lifelong Journey

by | Nov 2020

A puppy sits, waiting for a treat.

Dog training must be incorporated into your day-to-day lifestyle, but it’s worth it in the end.

I believe it is a dog’s right to be trained and a pet parents’ responsibility to train their dog. I also believe in using only positive training techniques. Dogs need structure and clear expectations to learn how to live in our human controlled world. Beginning with puppy classes and moving on to basic obedience training is highly recommended for all dogs. Teaching dogs to understand what you mean when you say come, sit, off and the many other requests you will have of him is essential to a happy home with a dog.

Pet Parent Question: I took my dog to puppy class and obedience training. We both did well. Time has passed and he does not respond like he did when we were going through the classes. Do we have to take classes again?

You could take classes again. Training is actually a lifelong experience for dogs and for pet parents. Remember, we pay trainers to train us to train our dogs. Training must be incorporated into your day-to-day lifestyle. Ask your dog to sit before you give him a treat or let him out the door. Ask him to “leave it” if it something you don’t want him to have. Communicating with your dog in “trainer-speak” will help your dog know what it is you expect him to do. A trained dog is a joy to live with.


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