Duck Donuts Opens First Minnesota Location in Woodbury

by | Apr 2019

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Photos: Tate Carlson

Duck Donuts brings made-to-order donuts to Woodbury.

There are few things Minnesotans are as passionate about as good food, and the uptick of donut shops in the metro area in the last five years stands as evidence of the local fervor for tasty treats.

Woodbury’s newest and sole donut-dedicated shop—Duck Donuts—is the first Minnesota location for the national franchise. Despite being a newcomer, Duck Donuts boasts a couple concepts sure to capture the hearts of residents: each donut is made fresh when ordered (think hot-from-the-fryer dough on a sub-zero January day) and each customer gets a make-your-own donut experience by choosing from a variety of coatings, toppings and drizzles.

Woodbury franchise owner Justin Butler started seeing the distinctive brown, Duck Donuts-branded boxes on the social media pages of his friends living in the Southeast, and four years ago a trip to Florida finally gave him the opportunity to try them. “I thought, ‘How good can these donuts be?’” says Butler, who lives in Woodbury. “I tasted them and was immediately hooked. My next question was, ‘How are these not in Minnesota?’”

Fast-forward to last December when Butler opened the 1,800-square-foot Currell Boulevard location in Woodbury. The bakery is nearly twice the size of typical Duck Donut locations, with extra space for tables and soft seating encouraging patrons to stay. But the main event is the donuts, and a viewing area allows grown-ups and little ones alike to watch their donut being made from start to finish. Public relations manager Kristin Kellum says, “When donuts are being finished, the viewing glass is always covered in fingerprints and smudges from kids pressing their faces to the glass to catch a glimpse of their donut.”

As for the flavors, an order of a dozen donuts might be the only way to get a fair sampling of all the available goodness. The maple bacon donut—with maple icing and real bacon bits on top—is a bestseller, but the options for icings, toppings and drizzles make the possibilities endless. From peanut butter icing with Oreo and hot fudge drizzle, to blueberry icing with powdered sugar, it’s all fair game, with fresh coffee, hot chocolate, tea or espresso to pair. Once the order is made, the dough is dropped into the fryer and the adventure begins.

With its family-centered vibe and sports teams galore, Woodbury is the perfect setting for Duck Donuts, says Butler. As the dad of a 5-year-old and 7-year-old, he understands the demand for kid-friendly eateries firsthand. “Sometimes you just want to get of the house with the kids, and go to a place that’s friendly to them but that you also enjoy,” he says. “We’ve crafted the experience around that.”

Duck Donuts also chose Woodbury based on how many businesses call it home. The donut shop provides catering for corporate parties and meetings, weddings, and other large events. “Vikings gameday donuts are a definite favorite, but we can work with you to personalize donuts however you’d like them,” says Butler.

Duck Donuts
7455 Currell Blvd., Suite 107


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