Easy Steps for Elevating Your Home Décor

by | Nov 2022

Colorful drinkware from Patina.

Photos: Chris Emeott

Bring fun and comfort to your home with trendy décor.

Whether you’re revamping your space for the holidays, upcoming family gatherings or just refreshing your home, Patina, Best Gift Shop winner in the Best of Woodbury 2022 readers’ choice survey, has insight into the latest trending décor pieces to bring your space to life. Prepare for the holidays and deck the halls without the clutter, cram and busy colors, or create a soothing space throughout your home to emulate comfort with vases, candles, accent pieces and more.

Product development manager Lindsey O’Halloran shares her top trending picks, noting that almost every piece is versatile throughout fall, winter, spring and summer months.

Set the Mood

Candles are a great space cleanser. Whether it’s to set a relaxing mood or spike an aroma in your house, you can never have enough candles. “A candle that is great at Patina is the brand ‘Candles With Intention.’ They are candles that are infused with a manifestation or a quality that you are trying to attract in your life. When burning the candle, it’s essentially self-care,” O’Halloran says. Put these candles any place where you need to relax more or a spot where you can decompress.

Candles from Patina.

“Another great candle brand is ‘Northern Notes.’ We all have a nice connection to our states, and this brand gives tribute to Minnesota. Some scents included are Freshwater and Amber,” O’Halloran says. “It really brings out the nostalgic feel for our customers.” The candles are also labeled after some of the most iconic destinations in Minnesota such as Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters. “You can really bring a piece of Minnesota into your home,” O’Halloran says.

Taper candles and shaped candles are also a trending piece this season—from colorful pinks to cozy blues, there’s no end in sight for this style.

Get Colorful

“Colored glass has been a trending décor piece throughout our store—it includes everything from glass, cups, plates, you name it,” O’Halloran says. “What really makes these pieces special is how the glass interacts with light, they really illuminate any room you put it into.”

Updated into a more modern shape, colored glass vases can fit into any space of your home to make it a statement piece without it being an eyesore. The colors are versatile and can be bought in shades of deep autumn tones or brighter colors, such as pinks or purples, transitioning into the holiday season.

Colorful glass vases from Patina.

The pattern or silhouettes of the body have been a recent trend lately too—these figures are vases that can be put anywhere in the house to spread body positivity. “This is a unique home concept, but these products can really be empowering,” O’Halloran says.

Stay All Natural

The cozy, organic feel of natural elements built into art or other décor items creates a feel-good vibe throughout the home. “These home goods are beautiful, and we’ve really seen the trend of pressed wildflowers infused into an art piece,” O’Halloran says. “This art print isn’t only on canvas but can be found on our kitchen products and cutting boards too.” These items aren’t specific to summer or winter either, you can keep them up year-round and get inspired within the natural components of these pieces.

Floral ceramic tray from Patina.

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