Evoking Emotion

by | Sep 2021

Mackenzie Harding, Quaranteam
Photographer offered free, socially-distanced photos.

Each month, we feature one of the photos from our 2020 Focus on Woodbury photo contest. This month, we asked photographer Mackenzie Harding to tell us about Quaranteam, which took second place in our People and Families category.

Tell us the story behind the image.

A few weeks after the lockdown, I asked my neighbors if they wanted to participate in a community service project, free socially-distanced photos of them at home … What started as a small project exploded to me photographing hundreds of families. It really was an incredible opportunity to document families in their own spaces with their own people during such a wild time.

What kind of camera did you use?

I used my Canon 5D with a 50mm 1.2 lens.

What’s your favorite thing about the image, or what struck you about the scene and inspired you to take it?

My favorite thing about the image is the emotion it evokes. It was a rainy day, with uncertain circumstances, and that feel is captured with the tones, colors and expressions. Shooting through the window also created an iconic 2020 image.

What’s your photography background?

I am a self-taught, natural light photographer. I capture connection, movement and light to create forever memories. I’ve been serving the Woodbury community for five years … It’s been a joy to connect with my neighbors and my community through my photography, especially this unique front porch project.


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