Focus on Woodbury: Backyard Fox

Focus on Woodbury submission featuring a young fox.
Resident captures a family of canines.
First Place: Activities & Events

“This photo was taken from my backyard last April. There was a family of foxes, with seven pups, living in the neighborhood,” says amateur photographer Jon Bayer. “We were able to watch them grow from small, gray balls of fuff into independent, young foxes.” Bayer, photographer of Backyard Foxes, says the foxy family brought joy to the neighborhood. “Watching the foxes grow up over the course of a month brought a lot of joy to the neighborhood, especially with the pandemic going on,” he says. “This photograph captured the joy that the foxes brought to us.” 

Photographer: Jon Bayer
Title: Backyard Fox
Equipment: Canon EOS 70D, 100–400mm lens