Focus on Woodbury: Biking at Carver Lake

by | Sep 2020

A girl biking in Carver Lake Park

First Place, People & Families by Manjinder Kaur Papial PHOTO BY:  MANJINDER KAUR PAPIAL

Manjinder Kaur Papial snaps a scenic shot at Carver Lake Park.

An evening exploring Carver Lake Park prompted this photo, Biking at Carver Lake, from Manjinder Kaur Papial. “My daughter wanted a picture of her on this beautiful path, although I didn’t expect to capture it from the back it turned out really well,” says Kaur Papial.

Although she works as a project manager at Microsoft, Kaur Papial says that photography is her passion. It’s a hobby that takes up much of her free time. “I love taking photos of children, photos that tell a story, and beautiful moments,” she says.

To take the photo, Kaur Papial used a Nikon D810 with Nikkor 70–200 mm lens. This allowed her to capture a truly stunning scene in which her daughter is illuminated by the afternoon sun, while the sunlight path stretches ahead—tall trees on either side. “My favorite part of the image is the sunlight filtering in through the trees. As a photographer, I love capturing the light and I think this photo does it well,” says Kaur Papia.


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