Focus on Woodbury: A ‘Truly Magical’ Snow Scene

by | Dec 2020

Manjinder Kaur’s husband snowblows their Woodbury driveway.

Photo: Manjinder Kaur

Manjinder Kaur captures everyday winter splendor in this late-night shot.

Every Minnesotan knows the feeling. You’re all cozy by the fire, perhaps enjoying a good book and getting ready to bring your evening to a close, when your peace is broken by a sudden blizzard. For those who like to get ahead of the game and cut down their workload for the next morning, it’s boots on and hustle out to plow the snow.

Manjinder Kaur’s husband is captured here in one such situation. “My husband was clearing our driveway of snow … I noticed that the light from our street lamp made the snow look like it was glowing,” says Kaur.

This photo was awarded an honorable mention in the 2019 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest in the Activities & Events category, which is no surprise given the everyday majesty it captures.

“I love the way the light looks through the snow, it’s a truly magical effect that we don’t see often,” Kaur says.

Although Kaur is not a photographer by trade, it’s her passion, and she finds herself picking up her camera, a Nikon D810 for this photo, whenever she gets the chance.


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