How to Optimize Your Skincare Routine This Winter

by | Jan 2023

Woman washing her face.

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The experts at Face Foundrié offer insight into winter skin care.

When the coldest days of the year hit, winter does more than rearrange internal clocks. Frigid winds, dry air and a lot of time spent indoors have a tendency to take their toll on our bodies from head to toe—especially the face.

The delicate skin on the face often becomes dry, chapped and red during the chillier months, leading to frustrations on how to manage winter skin care routines. Fortunately, the face experts at Face Foundrié, a focused facial bar, have a few tips, tricks and products for what the skin needs.

“During colder months, it’s important to lock in hydration,” says Hannah Zaborowski, executive trainer and service provider. “I recommend a nice, really rich moisturizer.”

Made and manufactured in Minnesota, Face Foundrié’s recently-launched skin care line fits the needs of winter skin care.

  • Snooze Cruise: Containing sweet almond oil and shea butter, this night cream nourishes and hydrates the skin—all while we’re catching some Zs.
  • The Blue Stuff: With ingredients, including niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, The Blue Stuff is aimed to calm redness and lock in the skin’s natural moisture. Zaborowski says its three powerful ingredients are great to incorporate into skin care routines, especially in the wintertime to keep skin looking nice and hydrated.

Blue Stuff Face Serum

“Everything is Minnesota made, which we’re really proud of,” Zaborowski says.

Vice president of marketing and technology Cheyanne Thurston mentions its collagen mask, a popular go-to in the winter. The facial enhancement features freeze-dried collagen, which activates on the skin to allow for instant absorption.

“It boosts your body’s production of its own collagen,” Thurston says. “It’s a super hydrating, healing restorative enhancement you can add to any facial, and one I’d recommend to anyone during the winter.”

Consistency is Key

Both Zaborowski and Thurston note the importance of winter skin care—and encourage consistency. Offering monthly memberships, clients are encouraged to commit to their skin care routine to help promote healthy skin.

“Being on top of [your] skin care routine is really important, especially during the winter months,” Zaborowski says. “I recommend coming in for monthly treatments to get an overall nice exfoliation and hydration.”

Thurston also adds that this method of self care can be beneficial for the mind, too. “It’s good to have time for yourself,” she says.

Find Snooze Cruise and The Blue Stuff, and the entire at-home facial kit, in store or online at

Wonder of Water

Although creating and maintaining a winter skin routine is a step to keeping your skin hydrated and happy during the winter months, Zaborowski also notes the importance of water intake. Because the skin hydrates from the inside-out, it will dry and crack without enough water consumption.

The National Academy of Medicine suggests drinking more water during the winter months. On average, the suggested intake is 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men.

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