Lucy’s Snow

by | Jan 2021

Golden retriever laying in the snow

Photo: Samu Miller

Photographer captures picture perfect snowfall.

“I’m not a photographer, I just enjoy taking photos when the opportunity arises,” says Samu Miller, who received second place for his submission titled Her Favorite Season, in the Pets category for Woodbury Magazine’s annual photo contest.

His golden retriever Lucy inspired the photo, which was taken at Battle Creek Dog Park. “I take a lot of photos of her,” Miller says. “So it doesn’t take much inspiration for me to photograph her.”

Miller took Lucy to the park on an early morning when it was cold, sunny and glistening with snow. “We had a fresh coat of snow, and Lucy was doing her usual frolicking around the park and ended up with snow on her face,” says Miller.

Aside from the photo being one of the best he’s taken of Lucy, he enjoys it because “it highlights the beauty of a Minnesota winter,” he says. 


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