Meet Woodbury’s New Mayor, Anne Burt

by | Mar 2019

Woodbury Mayor Anne Burt

Photo: Joel Schnell

Anne Burt is excited about the future of Woodbury.

Woodbury has a new leader. Meet Anne Burt, Mayor of Woodbury. (Burt replaced Mary Giuliani-Stephens, who after eight years in the role, did not run for re-election in November 2018.)

A resident of Woodbury for 14 years, Burt has been on many sides of residency in Woodbury, from being a parent of young kids to her newer role as an empty-nester. She’s been a volunteer, a coach and a homeowner, and served as a city commissioner. Now, she’s diving into all things Woodbury in her new role.

“I want to carry on the great work that has already been done. Having been intimately involved in the city and its affairs, we have a fabulous staff and they keep things running smoothly,” says Burt. “I am so impressed with Woodbury and the thoughtful, strategic planning that we do for growth and want to continue down that path.”

Burt and her husband Jeff have three children who are current students or recent college grads. “When you have kids, you get involved in all kinds of things. Our kids went to Bailey, Valley Crossing and Liberty Ridge [schools], and I was involved with the PTA at those schools. I’ve coached many sports programs [like] soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and was a member of some East Ridge High School athletic boards,” says Burt. “You just meet so many people along the way and build these deep connections.”

Burt is also an active member of St. Ambrose of Woodbury Catholic Community and lives in Bailey’s Arbor, where she previously served on the homeowners’ association board. She says she loves to enjoy the city parks and trails on her bike and plays tennis regularly.

Her past roles have included nearly seven years serving on the Park and Recreation Commission, the Planning Commission and the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Task Force for the city. She’s also been involved with the Woodbury Community Foundation’s Citizen’s Academy and its health and wellness initiative, Woodbury Thrives.

What does Burt think the city needs as she looks ahead? “I think that it’s important to make sure we continue to support our local businesses, so they thrive, and that our community can support people of various incomes and various needs. In addition, we need to make sure we accommodate the needs of the aging population, as well as young families—the entire spectrum,” she says.

Burt holds a degree in chemistry and an MBA, and worked for over 30 years in business development and marketing, with a special emphasis on water quality. Her background in water is also important, as the city of Woodbury is an important stakeholder in the recent settlement on PFCs that impact area groundwater.

“We have a voice at the table, and as a mayor, I will watch over that process. That’s important to me,” says Burt. She also adds that the Gold transit line will also be a key issue for the city in coming years, along with other longer-term transportation plans around the 494/694/94 interchange.

“This political world feels so divisive,” Burt observes. “But I feel like you can make a difference in your local community, and that’s what I’m going to do. That’s my passion.”


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