‘Mom Milestones’ by Grace Farris Paints a Literal Picture of Motherhood

by | Aug 2022

Mom Milestones: The True Story of the First Seven Years book cover.

In the graphic novel Mom Milestones: The True Story of the First Seven Years, Grace Farris paints a literal picture of motherhood. As adults we tend to focus on baby milestones, but what about mom’s growth and “firsts?” Farris details her experience chronologically in phases of motherhood (newborn mom, infant mom, etc.), which at points is painfully honest. Each phase depicts likes and dislikes, plus her expectations and realities.

As a new mom, I appreciate Farris’ honesty and humility. In drawing her lived experiences, Farris strives to comfort new parents and acknowledge that motherhood can be beautiful and exciting but simultaneously isolating and lonely. Too often society encourages new parents to enjoy every second, but that sets up unrealistic expectations and can lead to a sense of guilt when parents are at their peak stress.

I’ve grown to appreciate the graphic novel format because it often lends to quick reads. I raced through Mom Milestones because it’s heartfelt, clever and relatable. I was surprised to learn this is Farris’ first book, and I recommend it to any parents looking for a good laugh, plus validation that you are not in this alone.

Margaret Gardner is the senior library manager at the R.H. Stafford Library in Woodbury. Find more to read at washcolib.org.


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