Senior Spotlight: Marta Struve Wants to ‘See What Life is Like Outside of Woodbury’

by | Aug 2019

Woodbury High School's Marta Struve, a member of the 2019 Senior Spotlight

Photo: Tate Carlson

Woodbury High School’s Marta Struve wants to go to a college in a big city.

Woodbury’s class of 2020 are athletes and creatives and academics who juggle complicated workloads. But they have their favorite clothes and jams and beverages they can’t live without–just like any high schooler ever. We sat down with a few of Woodbury’s rising seniors to find out their favorite things—and their favorite places in Woodbury: Dipali AroraJack LoweLily SwansonJonathan TorrenceKavin Muhil Ramesh

Marta Struve
Woodbury High School

Who’s your favorite teacher?
Ms. Nicholas, who I’ve had for 10th grade honors English, AP language and composition—and also as a softball coach. I’ve spent a lot of time with her, and she really makes me enjoy English.

What are you involved with outside of class?
Softball—this spring was a little rough! We got a late start. Hockey. Environmental Club. Student Council. I like to stay busy.

Favorite book?
Harry Potter—the second book, Chamber of Secrets. I’ve always loved all the books, though—I’ve read the series three times.

Favorite Musical Artist?
Lorde. Her new album is awesome. I saw her in concert and she was amazing.

Signature outfit?
Jeans from Savers. I’m kind of into “mom jeans” right now—but really, I buy whatever fits!

What’s the beverage you couldn’t live without?
Chocolate milk. It’s our go-to for team dinners.

Words of wisdom for younger students?
Don’t procrastinate. It really comes back to bite you in the butt.

What’s next for you after high school?
I want to go to college in a big city, travel somewhere new, see what life is like outside of Woodbury. Long-term, I want to be an engineer or do something relating to science.

What’s your favorite spot in Woodbury?


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