Similar, Yet Different

by | Oct 2021

Broken Class
Take a behind-the-scenes look at Broken Class.

Each month, we feature a photo from our Focus on Woodbury photo contest. This month, we asked Laila Masoud to tell us about Broken Class, which took third place in our City Landmarks category in 2020.

Tell us the story behind the image.

This image happened in the older Potbelly’s of Woodbury. I hadn’t known about the photography contest then, nor did I walk into the restaurant looking for art. We just wanted some sandwiches and soup … The lamps did catch my eye.

What’s your favorite thing about the image, or what struck you about the scene and inspired you to take it?

There’s something intriguing about the differences in the lamps—they share identical bases and are hooked up to the same source, yet only one is lit and dressed in fancier cloth. The other is seemingly broken and unkept.

What’s your photography background?

I don’t have much experience in photography besides an introductory class I took in high school, and using my phone for many years to pursue this hobby—both in travel and in isolation.


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