The Fight for Equality

by | Jun 2021

Woodbury for Justice and Equality

Photo: Simona Byron

A celebration and remembrance of the history and culture of the Black community.

Juneteenth—celebrated June 19—marks the day slavery was abolished in U.S., yet racial inequality has persisted in the place of segregation. Juneteenth is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the vibrance of Black history in American culture.

“It gives a reawakening. There is still much work that needs to be done to really be free. There is still a lot of racial injustice out there; systemic racism still plagues our community,” says Walter Dobgima, founder of Woodbury for Justice and Equality. “[Juneteenth] is about Black people gaining their freedom.”

The activism group is planning to host a COVID-safe, in-person Juneteenth event this year. They will bring in local speakers and advocates of social justice movements to give motivational speeches during the community event.

Dobgima’s goal is to bring the community together to celebrate and educate about Juneteenth, and begin to start conversations with community members about progressing equality.

“In order for me to be able to bring awareness, I have to engage the community to be aware of the history,” says Dobgima. “Now is the time to take action [and] to fully embrace it.”

For event information, go to the Woodbury for Justice and Equality website at


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