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Greg Hagen has enjoyed taking photos as a creative outlet for a long time, but he recently began to delve deeper into the hobby. “Two years ago, I took a community-ed course on photography, and that pushed me forward quite a bit,” he says.

Last fall, Woodbury Middle School teachers Erin Caughron and Angela Hill saw the seventh grade class take their lessons from the desk to the dinner table.

There’s no confusion as to what the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce business education partnership committee does; it’s all in the name. The committee brings together businesses, education and the community to work collaboratively on forming well-equipped learners.

For almost 10 years, Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center has incorporated science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into its curriculum with the help of a partnership with Curious Minds.

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to learn? South Washington County Schools’ community education offers local, affordable, hands-on classes to get you started. Here are some top picks for fall:

Margaret Eggert, an East Ridge High School graduate, is passionate about volleyball. She’s excited to be on the Gopher volleyball team at the University of Minnesota, where she’s transferring this year from the University of Mississippi.

Woodbury is rich in culture and music. From the Music in the Park series
at Central Park to the theater and arts produced by the Merrill
Community Arts Center, it’s no surprise so much creative talent comes

Stomping in rain puddles and feeling mud squish between your toes. Digging in the dirt, unearthing bugs and worms, and plucking flowers from the garden. These are the type of iconic childhood experiences that can lead to an appreciation for nature later in life.

It’s the 100-year project, otherwise known as your house. Potential projects continually manifest; some are small and some require a complete overhaul.

The Peanuts gang is coming to the Loft Stage and everyone has a musical bone in their body–not just Beethoven fan Schroeder.

Freelance art director and graphic designer Dee Dee Davis was at her Woodbury home on a September afternoon, looking through her kitchen window, when she noticed some activity.