Best Woodbury Parks for International Picnic Day

by | Jun 2023

Carver Lake

Photo: Amy Belfior

Celebrate International Picnic Day on June 18.

Luckily for area residents, Woodbury is home to several local parks perfect for picnicking. So, get lost in exploration and enjoy some valued time (and food!) with your family and friends under the shade. “All the parks are a little bit different,” says City of Woodbury recreation manager Reed Smidt. “They bring their own kind of look and feel.”

Where to Go?

Tamarack Nature Preserve

As a calm location, according to Smidt, this spot offers a welcoming experience. Enjoy the Tamarack trees—a species that is unique to Woodbury—or take a walk on the boardwalks. Smidt says this a great spot for picnicking, as there is an audio tour available that provides information about the surrounding nature and wildlife.

Carver Lake Park

Enhance your picnic experience with fun activities. Take a dip at the open beach, or throw a ball around in a volleyball court. There is also a playground for the little ones—and bike trails that offer great recreational opportunities.

What to Bring?

It’s important to bring anything that suits your tastes, Smidt says. Finger foods like small sandwiches or veggie platters are great choices. Pack items that can be easily carried in and out, as there might be some walking required to get situated inside the parks. At many places, picnic tables are often accessible, but lawn chairs are welcome too for large gatherings. Resting on a blanket in the grass offers relaxing experiences, according to Smidt.


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