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The Parents Behind Tyler's Law

Love, specifically, parental love, is said to be the most powerful, most unwavering, and most profound among the grand spectrum of this completely-and utterly-indefinable-but-completely-necessary human emotion. And Kelly and Jeff Lavers, who lost their son Tyler to carbon monoxide poisoning in December 2010, are the personification of this all-powerful parental love.

I know because I witnessed it. Read more about The Parents Behind Tyler's Law

Paul Runze: The Man Behind Grove Coin

Let’s just start out by saying that I want to be Paul Runze when I grow up. Okay, I’m fully grown; but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Paul Runze, owner of Grove Coin, has been collecting coins for most of his life – and with one of the most extensive collections in the Midwest that includes coins from as far back as Julius Caesar and Charlemegne (Charlemegne!), it appears he’s really onto something.

Turns out, he’s just as fascinating as the coins he collects. Read more about Paul Runze: The Man Behind Grove Coin


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