Conservation for the Future

Jim Westerman provides insight on summer water use.

According to Jim Westerman, the city of Woodbury’s utilities superintendent, the number of wells used to provide water to residents in the summer versus the winter jumps from two to four in cold months, and 14 to 16 in warmer months, almost entirely due to lawn irrigation. The city upholds regulations on water use all year long, but during the summer months, the restrictions are enforced daily. For lawn care, Westerman recommends 1 inch of water per week, including precipitation. He also emphasizes the city is looking at conservation via the larger picture. While the situation is nowhere near critical, it’s important for residents to recognize that efforts must be made for the community’s future. “Ample water is available right now but it’s not limitless,” Westerman says.

Visit the website here for information about regulations and tips for conserving water during the summer months.