Cultivating Woodbury

Wellington Management fosters a thriving environment for local businesses.

Since 1988, Wellington Management has helped develop Woodbury into a thriving community, friendly to local businesses. Beginning with a 20-acre plot of land across from City Hall—City Centre—the company has brought businesses including Punch Pizza, Kelley Frame & Fine Art Gallery and New Dynasty Buffet to the community. “From the start, it was clear that the public officials leading Woodbury’s emergence as a major east metro community had a vision,” owner Steve Wellington says. “Our aspirations for growth matched Woodbury’s vision for its future.”

Wellington owns 13 commercial properties in Woodbury, totaling approximately 271,000 square feet, and has renovated popular spaces, including Valley Creek Mall and Eastern Heights Plaza. The company, which provides both retail and office space, celebrates 30 years of local entrepreneurship this month.