Focus on Woodbury: Carver Lake in the Mist

Woodbury resident Julie Miller captures a peaceful scene on a gorgeous local lake.
Third place Landmarks by Julie Miller

A hidden gem in Woodbury is the beautiful Carver Lake on Century Avenue just off Interstate 494. This 49-acre lake, surrounded by hills and woods, has a history of abundant northern pike; bluegill, crappie and largemouth bass can also be found in the waters.

Carver Lake also has some of our city’s most popular walking trails. This photo was taken by Julie Miller on a warm day in March, as the ice on the lake was just starting to melt from the long winter.

“My husband Michael and I have lived in Woodbury for close to 20 years,” Miller says. “We were out walking at Carver Lake one morning, as we often do. We wanted to take one last walk on the boardwalk because it was being replaced. On that particular day, the ice was melting, causing the lake to look misty. I thought it looked like a great pic with all the mist and fog.

“I still miss the old boardwalk, but the new one is a big improvement, with handicap accessibility for all to use the boardwalk and fishing pier.”

This photo from Woodbury Magazine’s 2016 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest was taken with a iPhone6.