Focus on Woodbury: Up Close and Beautiful

Thanna Goff snaps a wonder of nature near her Woodbury home.

After dabbling in film-based photography in high school, Thanna Goff recently got back into it, with classes “and everything for digital cameras. It’s a new world, with endless possibilities,” she says. “Creativity is at my core. I’ve written books (still to be published), done weddings and special occasion cakes, event planning and anything artsy. Now photography is back in the picture (pun totally intended).”

Goff took this photo last summer, along the water reservoir behind her condo. “My terrific husband had just bought me a macro lens, and we went for a hike to break it in,” she says. “He pointed out the butterfly (which I think is a pieris rapae or cabbage butterfly), and I took the close-up photo. It was a team effort.”

She enjoys experimenting with her photography hobby. “Though I really like nature and architecture, I truly enjoy taking photos that are different from the norm. Originality is what I strive for, so I consider unusual subjects, unique angles and creative lighting options. I also like catching things in motion. I’m beyond grateful for all the opportunities God has given me in my life, and that definitely includes the Focus on Woodbury photo contest.”

This photo from Woodbury Magazine’s Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest was taken with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera, with an Olympus ED 60mm f2.8 macro lens.