Focus on Woodbury Finalist Captures History and Heritage

second Place City Landmarks by Karen Bradley

A common drive-by turned into a beautiful photo opportunity for 42-year Woodbury resident Karen Bradley. “I drive by there all the time, and it is such a peaceful place. I wanted to capture that,” Bradley says, talking about her photo taken at the Heritage House in Woodbury. It’s easy to see where she got the inspiration for the title “Tranquility.”

Bradley sent in multiple photos to the Focus on Woodbury contest last year, but she was especially thrilled to submit this entry. “This is the first photo that I wanted to submit to the contest. It is such a special place to me, and it is a part of Woodbury’s history,” Bradley says.

Capturing heritage, Bradley explains, is one of her biggest inspirations in her photography. Although she’s held a camera in her hands since she can remember, it was 20 years ago that her interest really accelerated. “I am preserving my family’s heritage and I am preserving those special times,” Bradley says. She especially enjoys capturing the beauty of her elders, including her 99-year-old mother. “You see that inspiration in their eyes—that they look gorgeous at that age,” she says. “You see their hearts, and with a photo, it’s going to be a memory for them forever.”

Bradley considers photography a hobby, but it’s also something she does professionally. She photographs families, children, the elderly, events, nature and “pretty much everything,” she says.  “Being able to capture those memories is something that I love to do. I simply love doing it.”

Submit your photos this month! It’s our 20th annual Focus on Woodbury contest beginning on August 1st. Find more info here.