Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest: Life on Mars

A tiny garden visitor makes for a special photo.

You never know what will pop up in the garden. Just ask Sarah Kroening. “While harvesting tomatoes last August, I noticed a small speck of what appeared to be dirt on one of the tomatoes,” Kroening says. “Upon further inspection, I noticed the perfect swirl of a snail shell. It was so small that I just had to show my mom; that’s when it popped its head out to say hello.”

Kroening, a Century College student who grows and sells organic produce at the Lake Elmo Farmers Market, snapped the photo with her mom’s iPhone6. “The tiny snail looks like an alien on the small red planet/tomato—I had also just seen the movie The Martian when the photo was submitted [for the Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest],” Kroening says. “ ‘Life on Mars’ only seemed fitting!”

Sarah Kroening’s photo placed first in the Nature category in Woodbury Magazine’s 2015 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest.