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Marry Me Chicken

My husband learned early on in our relationship that I had serious skills in the kitchen. I learned early on that he loved any pasta dish with chicken in it.

It’s time to take that colorful harvest of tomatoes and put them to good use. Try out a few new recipes, do your own sun-drying and simmer some savory sauces.

In a world filled with uncertainty, sandwiches offer a delicious constant. You’ve eaten them all your life—from gooey grilled cheeses when you were just a pipsqueak to multilayered clubs that take two hands to hold.

Chicken wings have been a mainstay appetizer for decades. In some dive bars, you’ll find the tender chickies piled en masse in great vats, preserved under heat lamps for the locals to load up on.

Beer tastes best in the summertime. That’s probably because you earn those ice-cold brewskis while milling about in that oppressive heat. Maybe you were giving the ol’ lawn a sensible buzz cut with the mower, or perhaps weeding the garden’s unruly snarls under the sun’s merciless rays.

Vinnie Mustafoski sounds like a proud parent when describing his new eatery, Vinnie’s Family Restaurant. “We pay a lot of attention to the food and how it goes out from the kitchen; every single plate goes through me or my manager so we can see it, and it’s gotta be perfect,” he says.

Nothing says summer like a picnic. We turned to two local experts—Rachael Perron, culinary director at Kowalski’s and Bill Abrahamson, wine buyer/manager, Top Ten Wine and Spirits—for a summer picnic menu that can be enjoyed on your backyard patio, porch or deck.

When Minnesota finally gives up its iron hold on winter and the days flow from balmy afternoons to sultry nights, everyone is looking for an excuse to stay outside.