A Handcrafted Retail Recipe

Heidi Martin opens Sisu in Eagle Valley Marketplace.

Heidi Martin’s parents both worked retail. “Retail is in my blood,” she says.
So it should come as no surprise that Martin is the proud owner of Sisu, a new
boutique in Eagle Valley Marketplace.

Shortly before opening Sisu in November, Martin was the general manager of
Hot Mama in Woodbury. But “I loved the idea of owning a boutique because it’s so
individual,” Martin says. To make Sisu a unique shopping experience, the store
only carries a limited number of any single pieces of clothing from companies
including Bella Dahl, Cooper and Ella, and Minneapolis/St. Paul Clothing
Company. Martin encourages customers to show up in whatever they’re wearing,
whether sweats or a dress. “We [at Sisu] love socializing and making it feel
like [customers] are shopping at their own house,” she says.