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Cole Bruesehoff

Four years ago, seventh-grader Cole Bruesehoff set out to be a two-sport athlete in soccer and alpine skiing. He was working out harder than he ever had before and the results were unlike what is supposed to be seen.

Woodbury mom Sara Gruett took the phrase “mother knows best” and applied it to fill a void in the market.

When a friend dared Greg DeNunzio, a self-described “gym rat,” to try indoor cycling, he laughed, thinking it would be a waste of a workout. DeNunzio reluctantly accepted the dare to appease his friend, but by the end of the spin class he was hooked.

Few things are as soothing as a trip to the salon. The endless pampering, jib-jab and makeover opportunities make it tempting to squeeze an extra visit in between the usual haircut.

Backyarders take heart: even though fall is around the corner, you don’t need to give up your green thumb just yet.

Lace ’em up: Ice skaters of all ages are invited to sign up for Woodbury’s popular Learn to Skate program, which kicks off this month at the Bielenberg Sports Center. The program includes group skating lessons for varying skill levels.

In the checkout line at Sam’s Club, 2-year-old Aubriana Benjamin was mid-temper tantrum when mother Laura tried to appease her with nuts offered as an in-store sample. What happened in the next few seconds altered the last four years and remains a serious concern today.

Unlike those side-show-esque college comedy nights featuring the likes of The Great Gambini’s Hypnotic Acts, Susan James won’t make you jabber away in Martian or dance the funky chicken in front of a crowd—but the certified hypnotist can help you quit smoking, lose weight, relieve anxiety and muc

Do you use the parks and athletic fields? Wonder about efforts for affordable housing and incentivizing business growth? “Most citizens don’t realize the influence the residents have on the decisions that impact the community,” says Bob Klatt, city of Woodbury parks and recreation director.

Consider these words: hospital food. Did your gag reflex kick in? It’s a natural reaction. One of the greatest ironies of our healthcare system is that our healing institutions prepare and serve unhealthy, uninspired and unappetizing food.