January 2014

In the January 2014 issue of Woodbury Magazine, you'll meet the downhill skiiers of Afton Alps. They're athletes who make the most of winter weather and get some hair-rising downhill runs in while they're at it. You'll also get a guide to the best New Year's exercise activities in the Woodbury community. Pick up a copy today!

“I like to go out during snowstorms and this was probably soon after one,” Steve Shor says. “I was driving around and yes, I had in the back of my mind that I might get some capture that could be used for the Focus on Woodbury photo contest.”


Minnesota National Guard 1st Sgt. Andrew Haigh was the keynote speaker at the November 11 Veterans' Day observance at the Woodbury Veterans Memorial. All photos by Jeanne Berget.


Lookout Ridge offers an indoor fairytale landscape for cooped up kids. It transports its visitors from the frigid Minnesota winter to a tree house environment. Kids crawl, climb and slide through Lookout Ridge’s obstacles.


The alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. and you’re up and running. Literally, running. On the treadmill. Down in the basement. Because it’s January and it’s freezing outside. 7 a.m.: Get the kids up, dressed and fed.


“I always ask people how they are doing,” writes 16-year-old Donnell Rodgers.


Tumble, twist, swing and vault: When was the last time your typical day included one of these verbs? For one Woodbury family, the sport of gymnastics, and the movement and artistry that come with it, is not only work and play, but also a major passion.


To make the most of the citrus season, we turned to Rachael Perron, culinary director for Kowalski’s Companies, and Rick Frazer, executive chef at Cravings Wine Bar and Grille, for some suggestions and recipes. “It can be no coincidence that most citrus fruits resemble the sun,” Perron says.


January is an opportune time to step out of your wine comfort zone and taste a new blend. Whether with a hearty stew or a bowl of fresh fruit, flavors lend themselves to different pairings.


After going their separate ways, a handful of players from the Woodbury area are expanding their hockey careers.


Woodbury recently received a culinary upgrade: Our local Kowalski’s Market is the first Twin Cities location to sell Vom Fass’s oil, vinegar and spice flavors. “Minneapolis and St.


Go for the gold by channeling your inner Mike Tyson. For those searching for a new and unique workout, Title Boxing Club opened a Woodbury location in August.


A new year is at hand. If you’ve munched the remnant crumbs from the cookie exchange platter and will soon be shopping for a new spring break swimsuit, it may be time to revisit your fitness goals and get that mid-winter conditioning back on track.


“Get outdoors!” we’re told. The benefits of maintaining physical activity are well-documented. So too are the benefits of getting fresh air and strengthening our social connections. Wrap these ideas inside Gore-Tex and Smart Wool and you’ve got yourself a ski racer.


It’s the best of times; it’s the worst of times. It’s dinner with the family. Like a good old-fashioned buffet line, when you’re with this crowd you get a little bit of everything. The plate-piled-high dinners, excited storytelling and happy news sharing over everyone’s favorite dessert.