January 2020

January is all about fresh starts and living well. Happy new year! 

This summer, triathletes ages 2 to 5 got to bike, run and get wet! At the end of the triathlon, they received a sticker medal presented to them by a firefighter or police officer.

A woman walks two dogs.

Our resident pet expert answers a common question: Do walks really make a difference?

A variety of healthy foods in Tupperware.

Seemingly small lifestyle changes have a big impact on staying healthy.

A grandfather and grandson play superheroes

This year, forget about the usual resolutions and the superficial promises of vanity at New Year’s.

A tea to cure colds made from lemon, honey, ginger and other ingredients

During cold season, it’s nice to have something hot to hold onto and to sip until your toes feel a little warmer and you feel better.

A child plays with blocks

The one-day Just 4 Kidz Fest event features vendors from preschools to summer camps, as well as activities and entertainment for attendees.

Award winners at the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce gala.

Celebrate the recipients of the Woodbury Chamber’s annual community awards.

The Woodbury Heritage House

Over the course of more than 150 years, the Heritage House has grown as a symbol of community history for the residents of Woodbury and is now owned by the Woodbury Heritage Society.

A man holds a recovering warbler close to his chest.

Each month, we feature one of the photos from our 2019 Focus on Woodbury photo contest.

Dyed scarves from Naturally Dyed Goods

At Naturally Dyed Goods, Mykala Micek creates wearable art using food and garden waste. Her products are sustainable, beautiful, and buck the fast fashion trend.

A few sticks of cinnamon for a spiced apple cider recipe.

If company’s coming, or you just need a hot cuppa something delicious, try out this classic winter drink starring cinnamon, allspice, and cloves.

A variety of winter spices

We rounded up our favorite wintery spices, and a few local dishes that feature them prominently.

The Minnesota Thunder Academy U17 team at the Gothia World Youth Cup

Woodbury soccer players take home the trophy at Sweden’s Gothia Cup.

Physical therapist Jan Hanson, owner of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in Woodbury.

Woodbury physical therapist Jan Hanson treats patients holistically.

Woodbury blogger Rana Monet

Woodbury lifestyle blogger and social media influencer Rana Browning launched her blog, Rana Monet, a year and a half ago.

Santa hugs a group of children at a Custom One Charities event.

Woodbury builder Custom One Homes launches a charitable arm to expand their outreach.

Members of Woodbury's American Legion Post 501

Woodbury’s own American Legion Post 501 was chartered in 1979, and has been giving back to the community ever since.

A woman browses some of the best podcast apps on her phone.

Our resident podcast expert runs down the best podcast apps for every type of listener.