July 2015 Woodbury Magazine

In the July issue meet two local up-and-coming performers, make mud pies with the students of Primrose School of Woodbury and find out about Nora and Evy's flower patch.

Mandi Folks is a stay-at-home mom who has lived in Woodbury for nearly three years. Last summer, on a beautiful July day, her sister asked Folks to take a photo to use on an invitation for her niece Greta’s first birthday party.


Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors—mow the lawn, splash in a lake, tend the garden. Summer also has a sultry side, one that is sensual and slow moving. It’s the song of summer, when the living is easy and the summer breeze makes you feel fine.


The Woodbury High School choirs hosted their annual cabaret show, Destination, with full audiences for both the dinner and stage shows.


The 38th annual Woodbury Lions Club Community Garage Sale drew thousands of bargain shoppers to our city May 7-9.


Summer is peak concert time—time to soak up the great weather with family and friends while listening to beautiful music. You don’t have to go far for this special experience with the Woodbury Lakes Summer Concert Series.


Woodbury is rich in culture and music. From the Music in the Park series
at Central Park to the theater and arts produced by the Merrill
Community Arts Center, it’s no surprise so much creative talent comes


Lesa Hobright-Turner says she is “one of those people who will always have a dog.” After the family dog passed away in 1995, she began frequenting the Animal Humane Society in Woodb


Picture 40,000 square feet—half of Bielenberg Sports Center’s (BSC) field house—with 200 tables and 1,100 chairs, set up in 60 packing stations to assemble 4 million meals for the hungry. That vision will become a reality in three months as Woodbury hosts a mega mobile pack October 8–11.


Stomping in rain puddles and feeling mud squish between your toes. Digging in the dirt, unearthing bugs and worms, and plucking flowers from the garden. These are the type of iconic childhood experiences that can lead to an appreciation for nature later in life.


People in Woodbury love their pets. It’s a city where dogs, cats and other animals are considered part of the family. In the last few months, new businesses have opened around town to help keep your pets happy, healthy and well-trained. We got the scoop from three local business owners.


It’s the 100-year project, otherwise known as your house. Potential projects continually manifest; some are small and some require a complete overhaul.


Neighbors looking out for each other: This is the goal of the annual Minnesota Night to Unite, which takes place this year on August 4. The event was developed to encourage local anti-crime programs as well as to strengthen the bonds of each community.


Stalls full of green as far as the eye can see–or until the end of the market. The Woodbury Farmers Market is in full gear and overflowing with colorful produce that will fuel all your summer activities.


Valley Creek Mall has acquired a sense of style since Crafty Chicks on the Loose moved in last spring. Motivation behind the business’ move to Woodbury was simple.


The Peanuts gang is coming to the Loft Stage and everyone has a musical bone in their body–not just Beethoven fan Schroeder.


Angela and Grady Goodwin took along an issue of Woodbury Magazine while touring Washington, D.C., over spring break, where they took in many sites at our nation’s capital.


Do you have a favorite photo that captures the spirit of Woodbury? Woodbury Magazine will accept submissions to the 17th annual Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest July 31-August 31. First place winners and runners-up will be selected for five categories:


Merriment Adornments is a known home and interior design store in Tamarack Hills. What may not be known is the beautiful jewelry found inside. “We have a number of jewelry lines, some from bigger vendors but most from small vendors around the U.S.


The garden at the corner of Lake Road and Meadow Brook Drive wasn’t professionally landscaped and it doesn’t contain lavish flowers. But it’s special.