July 2016 Woodbury Magazine

In the July issue check out some up-and-coming local music talent and read a fascinating recounting of the Battle of the Bulge from veteran Jack Andrashko.

You never know what will pop up in the garden. Just ask Sarah Kroening. “While harvesting tomatoes last August, I noticed a small speck of what appeared to be dirt on one of the tomatoes,” Kroening says. “Upon further inspection, I noticed the perfect swirl of a snail shell.


With our nation’s celebration of Independence Day this month, now’s the time to show our patriotic red, white and blue in Woodbury. Check out these colorful foods around town that look beautiful and taste delicious as well.

Fresh Strawberry and Fireworks Cupcakes


St. Ambrose of Woodbury Catholic School held its annual gala fundraiser to support the Bishop Pates Endowment, which provides tuition assistance for families of students at the school.


New Life Academy’s annual auction, Beach Bash & Bidding, drew an enthusiastic group of supporters who raised money for a variety of school activities.


Located on 110 beautiful acres off Dale Road, a half mile east of Cottage Grove Drive, Woodbury’s off-leash dog park is now boasting a new name: Andy’s Bark Park.


Living in Woodbury offers many convenient amenities. For these two local families, having their own backyard pool is the big splash.


Regular listeners to 1500 ESPN’s Mackey & Judd show have undoubtedly come to know and love it for its conversational style, goofy personalities and lighthearted sense of humor.


In 1943, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 18-year-old Jack Andrashko and his buddies walked into a recruitment office and enlisted in the military, knowing full well that if they didn’t volunteer now, they’d be drafted in a few months when they graduated from high school.


Most of us can vaguely remember the first time we picked up an instrument as a child—whether for school or for lessons our parents dragged us to. But for the Menken Brothers Jazz Trio—twins Harry and Charley, and younger brother Billy—they can’t remember a time when they didn’t play music.


It’s July, the temperature is hot, summer vacation is in full swing and that means that everybody is trying to soak up the sun’s rays while they’re still strong. Between baseball games, softball tournaments and soccer matches, Woodbury’s athletic fields are in high use this time of year.


Forget farm to table. At the Fahey house, it’s common practice to just pick the food and eat it immediately…no preparation required. That’s easy to do when the garden is inside the kitchen, central to everything, and everyone, in the house.


The City of Woodbury invites residents to bring their friends, family and lawn chairs to Bielenberg Sports Center outdoor fields to enjoy the Fourth of July holiday. “We keep it pretty simple,” says recreation specialist and facility coordinator Chris Fleck of the free event.


Woodbury High School students Josh and Jasmine Chikkala shared local news while visiting family in Hyderabad, India.


Woodbury Flats is a new apartment development set to be built within Woodbury’s Urban Village, a large master plan created by the city of Woodbury mapping out the land parcel at the southwest corner of Bailey Road and Radio Drive.


“We wanted to bring something to the Twin Cities area that was fresh, new and exciting for all ages,” says Craig Holm, who owns the new CycleBar Woodbury franchise with his wife, Marilyn.


While we’re grateful for the warmth after our cold Minnesota winters, the hot and humid summer days can really take a toll on our skin.


“We’re basically a one-stop shop for all home technology,” says Brandon Schultze, co-founder of North Star Home Technologies.


After Collin Johnson was born eight weeks premature with a grade four brain hemorrhage, his parents were told he would likely never walk or run, and that there was a high chance he would have cerebral palsy.