Kowalski’s Introduces Vom Fass to the Twin Cities

Woodbury Kowalski’s presents first Vom Fass location in the Twin Cities.
Stop in and ask Tamra Kramer for her cream of broccoli soup recipe, pistachio oil and all.

Woodbury recently received a culinary upgrade: Our local Kowalski’s Market is the first Twin Cities location to sell Vom Fass’s oil, vinegar and spice flavors. “Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the Twin Cities in general, are a great foodie community,” says Tamra Kramer, owner and manager of the Woodbury Vom Fass. “We really like our food and quality food.”

At Kowalski’s, Vom Fass specialists invite shoppers to sample from the cask, asking buyers their cooking habits and taste preferences, and offering suggestions. These include vinegar and oil samples, as well as oil and vinegar pairings. Kramer believes this, as well as Vom Fass’s packaging quality, sets the products apart from other oil and vinegar retailers.

From citrus fruit vinegar to avocado oil, Vom Fass specializes in far-from-average zests. Its most popular product is the calamansi balsam vinegar, a vinegar produced from citrus fruits in the Philippines. “I have a lot of fun experimenting with them and coming up with new flavors each week,” Kramer says. Kowalski’s Market, 8505 Valley Creek Road; 651.578.8800.